Benny Michielsen

.net Developer with a touch of Cocoa

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Benny Michielsen

Benny Michielsen is a .NET consultant and trainer with a keen interest in technology.


I'm a software developer experienced in the Microsoft .NET framework and have assisted and led teams to create object-oriented solutions. These varied from stand alone Windows applications to full fledged distributed programs.

I'm always learning new technologies and theories to improve my programming skills and am very interested in what's going on after a button is clicked, knowing how all the dots are connected is what I enjoy most.

I've given courses on various topics, some more related to .NET (WCF, Entity Framework,...) than others (UML,...).

Although my professional work is mostly based around the .NET ecosystem I have a keen interest in other programming languages and the open source world in general.


  • C#
  • WCF
  • NHibernate
  • Spring.NET
public Solution Solve(Problem problem)
                        return solutions.Find(s => s.Matches(problem));

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